Transcend International has always placed a high value on collaborating with thought leaders from leading organisations to mutually enrich our coach education programmes and the profession of coaching. We are delighted to partner with Dr. Lise Lewis and Bluesky International to present this world-class EMCC-Accredited Supervision training programme.

Diploma in Coach | Mentor Supervision

EMCC ESQA accredited

Modular Programme integrating ESIA

What you need to know about this programme delivery:

  1. It’s modular and delivered as:
    • Induction
    • 20 modules of 2-hour webinars every 2 weeks
    • Including the completion of the programme portfolio you can graduate from the ESQA programme within 10-12 months.
  1. You receive a Supervisor’s toolkit containing the programme resources and more!
  2. We create a social media platform for delegates and us to keep in touch with each other, access programme updates and extra resources; the aim is ongoing learning and support for you throughout the programme.
  3. After attending the modules and successfully completing the programme portfolio you will receive the Bluesky International EMCC ESQA Diploma in Coaching | Mentoring Supervision.
  4. As well as working towards the programme certificate you can also be assessed for the ESIA: the individual accreditation of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) an internationally recognised supervision accreditation for your own practice. This only involves a few extra metrics in addition to the award of the Bluesky International ESQA certificate; it’s too good an opportunity to miss!
  5. The Programme team: Dr Lise Lewis, Craig McKenzie, Tony Dickel, and Michelle Chan.

Below is an extract from the 20-module programme including the investment and what this includes. Tell us what else you need to know!



What can I expect from the programme?

  • Let’s meet: Who we are and where we come from!
  • Questions and learnings from pre-course work | Diploma Portfolio
  • Coaching | mentoring supervision ‘myths and meanings’
  • Working together ‘likes and dislikes’
  • An ’Avatar’ of your future supervisor offering
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How do I do it? – Supervision in Practice

  • What’s new?
  • “Working together conversation’ (Contracting): Part One
  • Reflective Practice
  • Model of Supervision (Part Two)
  • Skills Practice
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Supervision in Practice:

  • Typical sessions: Example: Ethical Dilemmas
  • A practising supervisor share learnings from their client work
  • Case study of an organisational supervision programme
  • A supervision theory | model illustrated
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Developing Competence as a Supervisor

  • Observed practice sessions with peer supervisors
  • Reflection
  • Developmental feedback
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Deepening your Supervision Practice:

  • Typical sessions: Example: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • A practising supervisor share learnings from their client work
  • Case study of an organisational supervision programme
  • A supervision theory | model illustrated
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Group Supervision and Intervision:

  • EMCC Capability Indicators for Group Supervision
  • Group Supervision Practice:
    •  Devils and Angels
  • Observed Group Supervision Practice session
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The Supervisor and Supervisee perspectives

  • Use of Self (Part ONE)
  • Relational Capability:
    • Working with Unconscious Bias
    • Transactional Analysis theory
    • Parallel Processing
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Supervision in Practice: Example: Attachment Theory

Typical sessions:

  • A practising supervisor share learnings from their client work
  • Case study of an organisational supervision programme
  • A supervision theory | model illustrated
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Use of Self (Part TWO)

  • Transference and Counter Transference
  • Multiplicity: Working with Multiple Selves
  • Observed practice session
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Systemic Supervision

  • Systemic Influences:
    • The wider context
    • Taking a ‘helicopter’ view and holding multi-perspectives
  •  Observed Practice Session
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Environment – Symbolism – Emergent
• What resources are available to us beyond our ‘comfort zone’
working environment?
• What new intelligence can we source from being playfully creative?

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Deepening your Coach Supervision Practice
Introduction to Team Coaching Supervision:
• How is team coaching supervision different?
• What are the main features of team coaching supervision?
• What additionnal competences do I need to be a team coach

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Bluesky Diploma in Coach | Mentor Supervision Program

Tuesdays from 20:00 – 22:00 HKT / 12:00 – 14:00 UK / 13:00 - 15:00 CET / 07:00 - 09:00 EST / 17:30 - 19:30 IST / 23:00 - 25:00 AEDT


Training Dates

Module 1
January 5, 2021
Module 2
January 19, 2021
Module 3
February 2, 2021
Module 4
February 16, 2021
Module 5
March 2, 2021
Module 6
March 16, 2021
Module 7
March 30, 2021
Module 8
April 13, 2021
Module 9
April 27, 2021
Module 10
May 11, 2021
Module 11
May 25, 2021
Module 12
June 8, 2021
Module 13
June 22, 2021
Module 14
July 6, 2021
Module 15
July 20, 2021
Module 16
August 3, 2021
Module 17
August 17, 2021
Module 18
August 31, 2021
Module 19
Sept 14, 2021
Module 20
Sept 28, 2021

Programme Investment: Equivalent of USD 4,135 inclusive of:
– Programme 20-module attendance + materials: Handbook and Toolkit
– One-to-one supervision with a qualified supervisor
– Posting of literature – Q and A – support advice throughout the programme
– EMCC Individual Accreditation ESIA application on your behalf (EMCC administration fee, ESIA reporting and verification)

About Bluesky International

Bluesky International (BI) rebranded in 2010 and formerly Bluesky Coaching has been trading since 2000 and offers services in:

  • Executive and Leadership Coaching
  • Coaching and Mentoring training – individuals wishing to start in practice, managers and leaders and organisational | independent practitioners
  • individual | Group Supervision for organisational | independent practitioners
  •  Coach | Mentor Supervision training: face-to-face and virtual delivery

BI encourages use of best practice in all aspects of service delivery. We actively work in partnership with clients in offering flexible arrangements for programme delivery to meet business and lifestyle needs.

BI coach | mentor and coach supervisor facilitators are professionally qualified and experienced within their area of expertise and abide by the Global Code of Ethics.

The BI philosophy is to provide excellent services with a specific focus on enabling those responsible for people development to have the skills, knowledge and practical competence to achieve improved performance and business success.

Delegates attending programmes are fully supported throughout, with the aim of nurturing an environment and experience that stimulates the learning that achieves successful certification and personal accreditation as an option. Delegates will reciprocate through commitment to learning and requesting support if needed beyond that integral to the programme.

Graduates of BI programmes benefit from internationally recognised quality programmes accredited by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC).

BI accreditations include:

  •       EQA: Certificate in Coaching | Mentoring (Foundation level)
    • Diploma for Professional Coaches | Mentors (Practitioner level)
    • Advanced Diploma for Professional Coaches | Mentors (Senior Practitioner)
  •       ESQA: Diploma for Coach | Mentor Supervision

The ability to assess graduates of EQA and ESQA programmes for the EMCC individual accreditations EIA and ESIA.


Transcend International is a global provider of programs and services for helping individuals and organizations adapt and optimize in the face of the increasing challenges of today’s world.

Operating since 2007, we focus on Professional Coach Training, Organisational Programs, and Professional Coaching Services.  

Our programs are dually-accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and the European Mentor & Coaching Council (EMCC), and are well-balanced and skilfully designed to create a transformational learning journey.  

Transcend International Group offers solutions across key points in the talent management value chain. We have deep expertise in talent development with foundational strengths in emotionally intelligent leadership development, effective workplace conversations, organisational coaching and professional coach training (individual and team) and organisational Mindfulness-based Approaches. 

We help organisations build and maintain effective, adaptive and engaged cultures characterised by ownership, accountability and responsibility.  We do this through helping individuals optimise their effectiveness, resilience and well being in the midst of stressful work-scapes.  Our team has meaningful regional leadership experience and professional training grounding their work as coaches and trainers.

The services of the Group are oriented towards the creation of organisational cultures of empowerment, innovation and engagement where individuals take charge of their own career development, are self-generating and self-managing.  In such cultures, individuals are able to talk openly and discuss issues freely, contribute their ideas, confront difficult situations, create, innovate and conduct “difficult conversations” in an environment of trust, respect and collaboration.  Diversity in viewpoints is encouraged and feedback is sought whether positive or negative.  Such cultures are sometimes defined as “Adaptive, or Coaching Cultures”.

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