Reflective Learning 2.0 Copy


Why are these issues so important?


ICF Professional Coaches agree to practice the ICF Professional CoreCompetencies and also pledge their accountability and commitment to the ICF Code of Ethics.

Transcend International Academy of Coaching aims to raise professional, legal and ethical standards for coaching in the region, and the markets in which we operate.We believe It is in everyone’s interest, and it is our collective responsibility as a profession, to ensure the a) Aspire to conduct ourselves in a manner that reflects positively upon the coaching profession, b)Are respectful of different approaches to coaching; and c) Recognize that they we are bound by and comply with any applicable laws and regulations.How will you complete this assignment?§Conduct research using the Internet and identify the different legal and ethic codes of conduct created by the Governing Bodies or Associations for Coaching. Type‘Legal and ethics in coaching’ in your search engine, and you will find plenty of information.§Consider any legal, ethical or moral dilemmas that you have faced, or may need to deal with in your work as a Coach?