Reflective Learning 2.0: Ethics and Professional Standards in Coaching Copy


Ethics and Professional Standards in Coaching


Your work will be discussed during Module 1 if you are taking the program in person or during the Ethics module of the online program.



Professional Coaches are representatives of the “profession of coaching”. It is in the best interest of the coach and their clients if coaches aim for the highest levels of professional conduct and ethics.

Transcend International Academy of Professional Coaching has always contributed to the elevation of professional, legal and ethical standards for coaching in the region, and the markets in which we operate.

We believe It is in everyone’s interest, and it is our collective responsibility as a profession, to ensure that we: 

  • Aspire to conduct ourselves in a manner that reflects positively upon the coaching profession;
  • Are respectful of different approaches to coaching;
  • Recognize that we are bound by and comply with any applicable laws and regulations.



Click the following links and review the information available on ethics and professional conduct from the ICF and the EMCC. Make sure you review the “Code of Ethics” of both organisations.  Read additional information on Code of Conduct and Professional Standards



Reflect on what you have learned from studying these documents



Think about and come prepared to share 2 scenarios that you think might be challenging for you or your clients


Please find the document in “Materials”. 

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