Reflective Learning: Ethics Copy


This is a copy of an assignment in Module 1 (with the same name). You do not need to do this assignment twice. If you already completed this assignment in Module 1, you do not need to do it again.


As the profession of coaching continues to develop and move toward increasing self-regulation, ethics and professional standards become more important. Each participant in any of our certified coaching programs at any level is required to complete this assignment.


1. Search the ICF global website for the Ethics CCE Course

•NOTE: The ICF regularly updates their website. If you find this link no longer valid, please search for the Ethics CCE Course to find the new location

2. Watch the video

3. Complete the examination

4. Forward the email you receive upon completion to Save a copy of the email.

5. Write a 500-1000 words reflection on the question:

•How do I communicate that I am an ethical coach?

6. Submit to Upload your assignment and the copy of the email in the space provided below.

7. If you have any questions please contact us.


Please find the document in “Materials”. 

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