Reflective Learning: Mid Point Review Copy


This is a copy of an assignment in Module 1 (with the same name). You do not need to do this assignment twice. If you already completed this assignment in Module 1, you do not need to do it again.


Your coaching practicum will be well underway and we invite you to conduct a midpoint review of the coaching program.

Midpoint Review Process

It is useful to check-in at the midpoint of a coaching program. Using your coaching
practicum relationship conduct a midpoint review. Use the beginning of the 3rd session to follow this process or develop your own.

1. Frame what you are doing and set up the midpoint review
2. Refer to the initial goal and ask questions to discover if progress is being made and if any changes need to be made
3. Ask how the relationship is working for your coaching client
4. Is there anything they want more of?
5. Is there anything they want less of?
6. What would make it more effective for them?
7. How do they feel about their progress toward their goal


Please find the document in “Materials”. 

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