Reflective Learning: Preparation for Mentor Coaching (M2A202001)


Suggestions for your Guided Reflections:


1. Prepare to watch your coaching video. Be free from distractions and be sure to make sure that no one else can hear the confidential conversation


2. Watch your video once at high speed or fast forward with no sound

a. Observe your body language, distance, and positioning
b. Observe your client’s body language
c. What do you notice?
d. What patterns emerge?
e. What habits do you see?
f. What moments interest you?
–note the time signature so you can observe them with sound


3. Watch it at normal speed and sound

a. What do you notice?
b.What questions emerge for you?
c.What sections do you want to look at with your mentor coach?
d.Make a note with timings focusing on key areas for developing as a coach


Upload a copy of your reflective learning (including the link to your video recording).                                                                                                                                Your mentor coach will also be carefully reviewing your video and making notes looking for areas of development and learning points.                                          Come to your mentor coaching session in person or online prepared to discuss what you observed.
If you have any questions please contact


Please find the document in “Materials”. 

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