Reflective Learning: Reflections on Coaching Competencies (OM2B202010)


This is a copy of an assignment in Module 1 (with the same name). You do not need to do this assignment twice. If you already completed this assignment in Module 1, you do not need to do it again.



This assignment is designed to deepen your understanding and exposure to the ICF Core Competency framework. This will not only allow you to focus your development using the competency framework; it will also serve to prepare you for the Coach Knowledge Assessment. This examination is taken as the final step toward achieving your Credentialed Coach status.



1. Download and study the ICF Competency Comparison table which is found at the bottom of the page in multiple languages.

2. Look for the differences in expression of the competencies at each level of expression

3. Go to your Certification 1 workbook and revisit the Self Rating page for Competencies

a. Rate yourself again

4. Choose a competency to focus on during the time leading up to Certification Module 2 or during your coaching practice at Certification Module 2

5. Write a maximum of 1-page reflection (half a page minimum)

 a. What led you to choose this competency?

b. What do you expect to be different for yourself?

c. What do you expect to be different for your client?

d. What do you expect an observer to notice?


Please find the document in “Materials”.